Friday, 19 April 2013

What's Happening at Wattle and Daub Books

Quietly Pleased

For some while Wattle and Daub Books has been in deep stasis. Our titles have continued to be available, but other books we were in the process of creating have for various reasons come to naught, leading us to break from the project for a while.

We are pleased to have a new book in process, one written with simplicity and humour which tells a story of personal drama with relevance for us all.

Water Window Mirror by Gloria Barkley is the poetic rendering of a decades-long struggle with madness derived from allergies to food and food-additives. In a world where nothing could be counted on to be real, where even inanimate objects had minds of their own, Gloria raised three children, sought for and discovered her own creativity, and healed herself, with key helpers along the way.


three ears become two
two bodiesone
for sure.
She handsprings
short way home.

Water Window Mirror
by Gloria Barkley
Available October 2013
from Wattle and Daub Books 

May all your reading bring you joy. 
— Susan Pinkus, Publisher

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