Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Canadian Tales Of The Fantastic Short Story Competition

Our distributor, Red Tuque Books, has announced an annual writing contest. I’m pleased to report that this year’s final judges will be Wattle and Daub authors Casey Wolf (C. June Wolf) and Eileen Kernaghan. The contest closes December 31st, 2010. First prize is 500$. Check out the Red Tuque website for further details.

Monday, 8 February 2010

Nice Makes Write: An Interview with Casey Wolf

photo by Patrice, La Vale de Jakmel, Ayiti, 2006.

by Robert Runté

(From the introduction:)
Casey Wolf is the author of numerous speculative short stories, several of which were recently collected as Finding Creatures & Other Stories by C. June Wolf.
Wolf’s stories represent a uniquely Canadian approach to fantasy: where others write about the astronaut hero, she writes about the father who is left behind; where others write about planetary conquest, she writes about multiculturalism and the respect for alien life; where others write about revenge, she writes about reconciliation; where others write stories filled with sound and fury signifying nothing, her stories quietly engage the reader in the real lives of ordinary people—who become extraordinary because they have imagination, perspective, courage—and above all—integrity.
Yet, unlike a lot of CanLit, her stories are never depressing or dry. The speculative element makes her stories both more interesting and, in some strange sense, more real than other Canadian literature exploring the same themes. Consequently, I really wanted to ask Casey about her writing, and how her settings, themes, and characters reflected her Canadian upbringing. She graciously agreed to this interview.

Follow this link for the full interview at Strange Horizons.